JR Electric is an electrical contracting business located in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA that specializes in custom residential and commercial electrical. JR Electric has been serving local contractors and homeowners with the utmost quality electrical service for over thirty years. The JRE team experience includes (but is not exclusive to) custom new construction, electrical programming of advanced lighting systems, and installation of audiovisual systems. Team JRE has worked on a wide range of projects from high-end custom homes to commercial spaces. We have an excellent team of journeymen and apprentice electricians that can take care of whatever electrical services you or your company may request.


JR Electric, Inc. was founded by Jeff Ridenour, President, in 1982. Jeff’s passion for the electrical field started at the age of 16 when he assisted an electrical contractor as a summer job. He was immediately entrenched with learning the trade. He continued to work for electrical contractors during and post high school and eventually obtained his contractors license when he was 20 years old. He decided to put his electrical endeavors on the peripheral in order to pursue a college education at Westmont College where Jeff met his wonderful wife, Lori. Jeff has continued to live and raise his family in Santa Barbara and has built his business primarily doing custom homes in the area. As the company expanded in 1995, Jeff scaled back from working in the field and assumed the role of directing and managing projects. He continues in that position to this day.

The JRE Team

Jeff Ridenour

Jeff Ridenour | President


Jeff, founder and president of team JRE, leads our team of electricians and office staff. Jeff upholds his outstanding reputation in the community, as is testified by many of our clients and contractors. Jeff is often pulled into overall lighting design and works with architects and interior designers. He manages the company and oversees all operations.



You will most likely hear Hanna’s cheery voice when calling the main office. Hanna takes care of everything office related at team JRE. She manages and handles all scheduling, invoicing, and other miscellaneous tasks. Please call with your request and she will schedule you with the next available electrician!

Stephen Cazabat


With 20 years of experience under his belt, Stephen is a true asset to team JRE. Steve is completely versed on all aspects of both residential and commercial electrical installation. He is also able to work on various lighting controls and A/V controls programming. There is no problem or issue he cannot solve or fix.

Fernando Cortes


Fernando’s background in electrical parts in addition to his 10+ years of electrical experience make him essential to the JRE team. He is also able to work on various lighting controls and A/V controls programming. His ingenuity and knowledge of the field always ensures prompt and efficient service. Fernando will take on any JRE project and complete it in exceptional fashion.

Kurt Veyna


Kurt is also a key player at JRE. His easygoing personality and good attitude make him an all-around pleasure to work with. Kurt has 15+ years of experience and excels in working in the electrical field. He is also able to work on various lighting controls and A/V controls programming.

Hernan Cortes


Hernan is new to the lead role as of 2013, being trained by all of the JRE staff for the last 5+ years. His background before coming to JRE was working as a mechanic with excellent hand eye coordination. He comes with a very good eye for detail and doing work in a clean manner. Hernan is someone who is eager to please and works very hard to make deadlines presented to him.


Nick, Rene, Mario and Brodie are essential to the team as they support our journeyman electricians. They come to the job ready and willing to learn the intricacies of this detailed trade. JRE is very fortunate to have men who do so much of the heavy lifting with each and every project.